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Digital Imaging and Software

Want to get the most from that expensive film scanner you bought?

A Primer on Image Histograms and Curves -- Taking Voodoo and Black Magic out of Making Quality Scans  (updated periodically)

Order the hard copy version of "Image Histograms and Curves"


Common Problems with Nikon Scanners and NikonScan (updated 21 July '04)


Notes on the Nikon LS-8000/9000 (updated 18 Dec '04)


Notes on the Nikon LS-2000  

Some notes that I've accumulated on the Nikon LS-2000


Three Easy Ways to Convert Negatives to Positives

This page shows how to convert a scan of a negative to a positive image 


A Comparison of CCD and Drum Scanners for Novices    

This page explains and illustrates the differences in results between drum scanner and CCD scanner technology


Some Scans Done on both the LS-2000 and Scitex EverSmart Supreme




SkedDee -- A Tool to Calculate Capital Gains


A Trip to Moscow

Links -- "The Spinning Cube of Potential Doom," plus some cookie managers

Downloads (Updated 25 January '05)

Has your Sony Vaio started to die at boot-up?