An Interactive Image Curves Demonstration

This program demonstrates the effect of  image curves as described in this tutorial.

  1. Open the image combo box list and select an image to manipulate.
  2. To modify the image, grab one or more points on the curve and move them to establish new the new values.
  3. A pre-defined curve may also be selected from the lower combo box.

Things to watch when applying curves :

  1. Standard deviation: an indicator of image contrast
  2. Underlying color channels: for breaks in tonal continuity

Copyright 2002 - 2008,  Marginal Software.

Is your browser having difficulties loading the demo?  Go to Sun JVM to download and install the Java 2 Runtime Environment.

Note: your browser must be Java enabled to run this simulation. 

How to check Java permissions in Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Tools, Internet Options.

  2. Select the Security tab; select the Internet zone; press the Custom Level button.

  3. In the Settings, Java permissions must be set to Medium safety or lower.

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